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Leadership & Service Learning Community

A large group of students standing outsideWith nearly 500 participants since 2009, the Leadership and Service Learning Community (LSLC) provides first-year students with an opportunity to live together in an environment that develops and enhances their leadership and service knowledge and practice through various components of education and engagement. Participants connect and form relationships with others who share their common interest in being a leader on campus and a servant in our community.

The LSLC is open to all incoming freshmen who have a desire to learn more about leadership and volunteer in service to local agencies and individuals. As a member of this community, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • live together in a community environment in one of UT’s residence halls
  • enroll in an introduction to student leadership course (fall) and a social change seminar (spring)
  • attend a number of leadership and service seminars and workshops
  • participate in group service projects
  • network with current students and staff members

What Former Participants Have to Say

“One of my favorite parts about my leadership community is the atmosphere created when you group together people who share the common goal of becoming not only a better leader but a better individual. . . . I would recommend this community to anyone who wants to further improve their leadership skills and anyone who is nervous about the college experience.” —Dillon Mungar

“Being in this community and being a part of the Office of Leadership and Service has given me a sense of belonging.” —Andreanna Williams

Students outdoors doing a rope activity“One of the greatest things UT offered me was the leadership and service community.” —Daniel Perling

“Being an out-of-state student at the University of Tennessee, I felt that getting involved would be a good opportunity for me to meet friends I normally wouldn’t have. By participating in the Leadership and Service Community I was also introduced to many people who were already involved in activities I could join. Through my experiences thus far, I am pleased with how much I have already grown as a leader and am looking forward to where my leadership experiences will take me in the future.” —Shelby Moore

“By participating in the community, I was given a new understanding of what it is to be a student leader, and in doing so a servant leader as well. The Leadership and Service Community’s first-year studies program and the community events are awesome and I would recommend the program to any incoming freshman.” —Zach Darroch

“As far as activities outside the classroom, joining the Leadership and Service Community was definitely one of the best decisions I made. The community gives you a great chance to meet people and do activities with them. Being in a class with just leadership students helped me meet more people who lived around me and make some great new friends.” —Luke Driver

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